I felt the need to create this blog entry as a reminder. A reminder of a boy who I didn’t know, but a boy who recently took his own life.

This reminder is set in my mind for the days when I’m tired and scarred by the belittling of my ability to educate my child away from the school system, when the assumptions that any obstacles that may arise are because he isn’t in school. A reminder to myself to breathe in, to lift my head, throw back my shoulders and say what I actually want to say. I won’t argue, but I will say what needs to be said – just like they do – and thank them for strengthening my own beliefs that little bit more. 

From this day I will not hold my tongue. I will no longer smile and nod, go along with the ridiculous charade that finances and qualifications are more important in life than actually living. No. They’re not. How many children will need to suffer with mental illness, spend years in therapy or even take their own lives before we wake up and see that we are killing our children? 
This boy will not be forgotten. Yes, he was one of many. But he was still one. Someone’s one. And statistically, one is too many. 
Wake up, kids, look what has happened to this one and don’t let it happen to you. Look up, open your eyes and see what’s out there. The whole world is at your fingertips, there for the taking. Take it! Immerse yourself in as many cultures as you can. Work as little as possible for the most money you can convince someone to pay you. Start your own business, build your own house, defy the societal norms of previous generations. Be the change. Make the future brighter. Give the future hope. Keep your freedom, your love of life, and learn. Learn your way, at your own pace, and whatever the hell you like.